Consumer Studies

Instant Moisturization

According to Corneometer measurements, RecoverX increased moisturization 131.20% over the baseline 30 minutes after Application.

Skin Barrier Function

According to TWEL Measurements, RecoverX improved the skin barrier 24.27% over the baseline after day 10.

Hydration Levels

According To Nova Meter Measurements, RecoverX improved hydration levels 20.2% over the baseline after 5 days.

Erythema (redness)

According to a PI assessment on day 2 RecoverX caused a 2.09 mean difference from the baseline.

Edema (Swelling)

On day 2, Recover X caused a 1.18 mean difference from the baseline

Crusting and Scabbing

On day 2 RecoverX caused a 2.03 difference from the baseline.

Post Laser Treatment Before and After

Laser Treatment Surgery

- 85% of subjects recovered within 5 days

- 100% of subjects recovered within 10 days

Acne Scars Before and After

Acne Scarring

- 90% of subjects noticed a reduction in the redness of their blemishes

- 80% noticed the number of blemishes were reduced

Eliana's Stretchmarks Before and After

Scarring and Stretchmarks

- 86.67% of subjects felt the treated scar/stretch mark is softer

- 86.67% of subjects felt the scar/stretch marks feel smother on the treated side

- 86.67% of subjects felt the color of the scar/stretch mark blends better with the surrounding skin after using RecoverX.