Before & After

Acne Scars

"Lilli is not able to use most acne treatments on the market because of the salicylic acid that is used in the majority. She gets a severe chemical burn. We have tried most, if not all the acne treatments (that she is able to use) on the market.. I came across this ad for RecoverX and thought we should try it. We have tried everything else so, why not?! 

As you can see from the photographs the HUGE improvement in just a month! We are pleasantly surprised to have found that this product WORKS! Not only is it helping with the scars and redness, it seems to be helping the breakouts as well as her confidence.. Great job, Dermafacs Team!"

Lilli | 4 weeks

"I am currently obsessing on this acne scar fading cream I found online. I've been using it for 2 months now and I am already on my second bottle. It has definitely helped smoothen and fill my scarring and made me feel more confident."

Isabella | 8 weeks

"Literally incredible!!! So thankful I got to work with you guys. This product saved my skin & my confidence."

Kinley | 4 weeks


"I have found a product that has improved my stretch marks tremendously, so if it helped me then I want to share it."

Sara | 6 weeks

Eczema & Redness

"My skin was completely raw in the first picture. It then started to heal and flake and new skin came back to where it was completely healed."

Sara | 8 weeks

"I have eczema all around my hands and face but my hands just had it worse, especially during COVID where I had to use hand sanitizer all the time.

I apply this about two to three times a day and rub it in and just like that- my hands got smoother in about 2-3 weeks. I was so shocked this actually worked because I had given up hope since my hands were like this for about a year."

Joanne | 2 weeks

Dermatillomania Scars

"This repair cream worked for me unlike anything I've tried before. I've been using different skin creams for about 10 years. When I was really young I was diagnosed with dermatillomania which is a skin picking disease. I've scarred a lot, I've scarred all over my body and my face. I've just been so insecure about it, I'm 23. I cover my body a lot, I cover myself in tattoes to cover scarring. I wear pants i dont ever wear dresses.

I have used Dermafacs for about a little over 2 weeks, and it is incredible. I am more confident that I've been in years. I really just can explain what this product has done for me. It was really special for me because this truly did helped me, worked and it was phenomenal. I can't recommend this product enough."

Annabel | 8 weeks