Before & After

Wondering what kind of results to expect with RecoverX?

RecoverX is effective at fading the appearance and smoothing the texture of most types of damaged skin, including:

Wounded Skin | Red, Inflamed Skin

Hyperpigmentation | Acne Scars

Stretch Mark Scars | C-Section Scars

Eczema & Psoriasis Scars

Surgery Scars | Laser Treatment

Sunburns | Dark Spots & More

Let these photos serve as a guideline while you begin your skincare journey.

Remember that your skin is unique. And while some users may see stronger or quicker results than others, there is no magic timeline for everyone. Typically, most people begin to see improvement within 1-2 weeks and completed results within 2-3 months.

Think positive, stay consistent and be patient.

Real results happen over time, not overnight.

Laser Treatment

Acne Scars


Dark Spots

Cuts & Wounds

Redness & Swelling

Stretch Marks

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