The Story Behind RecoverX

While at the renowned University of Cambridge, Dr. Kinrade, a highly-regarded doctor and scientist made an incredible discovery.

An ingredient called silica has been thoroughly researched for the past 15 years for its ability to create conditions where the body can heal itself naturally. As an expert in silica research, Dr. Kinrade found that micro-silica technology had groundbreaking transformative capabilities that could be applied to skincare. From this research DermaFACS was born.

When the body has compromised skin it needs two things: moisture and oxygen. Unlike oil and vaseline based products, RecoverX promotes oxygen or moisture exchange, which promotes rapid skin healing.

Because the formula is hydroscopic (attracts moisture), it creates a moist, oxygenated environment which promotes skin recovery and repair - even in dry climates. 

DermaFACS then approached two accomplished surgeons who suggested making post-laser recovery the first use case for a micro-silica product. What happened next came as a welcomed surprise as RecoverX was introduced in the patient recovery process.

Not only was RecoverX drastically speeding up recovery time, it was also working wonders to repair various types of skin damage. Within just weeks, the doctors saw significant improvement in healing general skin ailments such as scars, stretch marks, and even scarring from eczema and psoriasis.

Since this discovery, RecoverX has taken off as the only product on the market to promote rapid skin healing with its silicon-based (micro-silica) HSX technology. There is truly nothing else like it.