Finally, Fast Stretch Mark Treatment — From The Comfort Of Your Home!

"Get incredible stretch mark repair without paying thousands. Get surgeon developed results while saving time and money..."

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This natural formula is the answer to eliminating stretchmarks...

If you are sick and tired of stretch marks, or worse yet, you have lost your confidence because of them, you need to read this.

Sometimes, a girl just says enough is enough. The things it takes to look and feel your best is seriously exhausting. Between doing your makeup, dressing cute, getting your nails done, it would be nice to catch a break. Thankfully, a new startup called Dermafacs has invented a new formula that is helping women fade stretch marks, while also saving them thousands of dollars at the same time.

After testing out this revolutionary formula it’s easy to see why it went viral.

Dermafacs developed a formula called RecoverX that promises to fade stretch marks faster than anything on the market. This means  healthier and silkier skin after a week of use. But is it really as great as they claim? We decided to test the product ourselves..

What Is It?

RecoverX is a formula that uses naturally occurring Silicon and Orthosilicic Acid to promote skin recovery and repair. This formula works by stimulating micronutrients in the skin to draw moisture from the air into the damaged skin, creating a reservoir of hydration to help accelerate recovery. The best part is that they are currently selling the formula for a fraction of the cost of 1 professional laser skin treatment! This allows you to get quick and professional skin repair results from the comfort of your own home without spending the thousands it costs to get it done in a salon, clinic or doctor's office.

Unlike going into a salon,  RecoverX can be used from the comfort of your own home. A lot of women have wanted to get rid of their scars but they just haven't found a good solution. With  RecoverX, you can be assured you will get a revolutionary product based on a unique and proven formula that delivers real results, and fast.


How Does It Work?

The proprietary formula was developed with surgeons and has been approved as a safe yet highly effective way to eliminate unwanted scars and marks. It's remarkably effective and can actually be used anywhere on your body.

HSX is a unique silicon component that maximizes the delivery of orthosilicic acid to support the rapid recovery of damaged skin. This is the very first time it is commercially available. Best of all, it costs a fraction of laser skin treatment (average cost around $1470 for a single treatment by a licensed professional).

After years of research and development, a team of scientists developed RecoverX, a safe and cost effective prototype that finally made HSX technology accessible to the home market. The product was originally released to assist with recovery from laser treatment. But after its release, users were noticing incredible results that no one expected. Not only was  RecoverX showing drastic results in recovery, it was also eliminating additional scarring and stretch marks!

It is very easy to use:

1. Apply once a day for a week before bed.

2. Use the formula anywhere on your body that you want to remove stretch marks. The formula is water soluble, so unlike other treatments it does not leave an oily residue.

3. Let the repairing powers of silicon-based HSX work wonders on your skin!


What makes RecoverX’s formulas so unique?

✅ Silicon-Based HSX Formula

While most skin products are based on petroleum or oil-water emulsion, RecoverX is silicon-based. This hygroscopic formula allows your skin to pull in moisture from the air to speed the recovery of compromised skin. It creates a perfect environment for repairing, and the moisture retained by the skin leaves a very pleasant feeling.

✅ Optimized Delivery Of OSA

OSA is a naturally occurring molecule that is associated with healthy connective tissue growth. The proprietary formula of RecoverX allows OSA to most efficiently be delivered to the cells of damaged skin.

✅ Water Soluble

Unlike other skin formulas, RecoverX is water soluble so it never leaves messy oil residue. There is a slight cooling sensation and no thick oily grime.

✅ Compact and Convenient

Going in to have professional skin treatment is a pain, literally and figuratively. That’s why RecoverX can be used where you want, whenever you want. It is even small enough to throw in your purse or travel bag.

✅ Easy To Use

The problem we often see with a lot of modern treatments is that they all use the same ingredients that are not really proven to achieve the results. Thankfully RecoverX isn’t like anything else on the market. Just apply once daily and watch it work!

"Use RecoverX just 7-8 sessions and you will never have to worry about your stretch marks again."

Who Can Benefit From RecoverX?

Just about everyone can use it. This formula is also recommended for not only women but men as well. In fact, nearly 30% of RecoverX’s customers are currently men believe it or not. The startup currently has glowing reviews from people all over the world.

You can benefit from RecoverX if you:

✅   Want Permanent Stretch Mark Removal
✅   Are Tired Of Being Ashamed Of Scars Or Marks
✅   Want To Save Money & Time
✅   Want To Have Healthier & More Radiant Skin
✅   Are Willing To Invest In Yourself

Questions and Answers about RecoverX

Q: Does RecoverX require any additional treatment?

No, just apply once daily and you can get started right away. It is as simple as that.

Q: Is there any professional assistance required?

Thanks to the team of professionals who created the patented design, the product is 100% safe to use without the assistance of a professional. Just make sure you use the product as described and you won’t have any problems.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Absolutely yes!
With RecoverX, stretchmarks have become a thing of the past. Stop worrying about your stretch marks and enjoy the relaxing experience of RecoverX from the comfort of your own home.

At the moment, RecoverX is offering a massive 25% discount. It is an amazing deal and we're told that the promotion will not last long.

The company also offers a lifetime warranty which actually covers your treatment should you be unsatisfied in any way.

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