Dr. Kinrade Discovers How To Repair Damaged Skin In Just A Few Days


“If you could simply rub a cream on your skin and it would heal itself, would you use it?”

Can you imagine a world where you weren't stuck with any damaging scars your childhood left you with?

What about being able to repair any little damaged area of your skin, leaving a radiant, smooth, glowing skin behing?

Most people have tried every bottle on the shelf at their local store. Everything from the cheap ones on the bottom shelf to the "premium" ones on the top, just to find they all are as worthless as the next.

A recent study found that both men and women spend over $250-$350 per month on their appearance. That's around $200,000 per year, enough to get you a 4 year degree!

What if I told you that you could not only repair old, damaged skin, but also make your skin with a younger, more radiant appearance?

Meet Dr. Kinrade. A renowned doctor and biochemist who had been unraveling the mysteries of this substance over 15 years of researching. It is all around us and even part of our own chemical makeup. As he made more and more discoveries of its power and uses, he quickly rose as one of the leading experts on the chemical.

Keep reading to learn how you can use this discovery yourself.

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Micro-Silica - The ‘Holy Grail’ Substance

Silicon can be found everywhere; in soil, water, plants, and even animals. When combined with oxygen, it forms these silicate minerals that can be found in the soil. When it dissolves, it releases silicic acid. Which plants take up and it has been found to help them defend against disease and stresses.

Similarly, mammals require silicon in their diet to maintain healthy growth of connective tissue.

One of the early discoveries Dr. Kinrade made was how this chemical reacted with certain sugars, and how these interactions occured in simple living organisms. He began testing different methods to try to use it to improve the health of wheat plants and eventually human bone cells.

Let Me Tell You About Dr. Kinrade’s Breakthrough Discovery

The real breakthrough was when Dr. Kinrade discovered how to create micro-silica, a form of the substance that can penetrate the skin layer and concentrate the amazing healing powers of this compound on human skin.

When word got out about this discovery, he was approached by a couple doctors who wanted to put it to the test. They were laser surgeons who had been searching for methods to speed up and improve the recovery process for their clients.

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How RecoverX Works On Your Skin Cells

Did It Live Up To The Hype?

Absolutely! In fact, it worked so well, the found that it reduced the recovery time on their proceudres to as little as 7 days, 30% faster than the leading treatments.

They were so impressed, they starting testing it out for all other types of skin issues. Acne scars, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema, and just everyday use. They couldn't believe how well it worked.

They knew they needed to share this with the world, so they refined its formula and created RecoverX the hero product of the company they created around this technology Dermafacs.

After reading about all of this, we decided we would have to gie it a try and see for ourselves.

We ordered it through their companies website. They had a 90 day money-back guarantee, so knew it was essentially RISK-FREE to try.

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Texture's really smooth and not too watery nor too oily!


Dermafacs Has Disrupted The Beauty Industry

Since our intial research, their RecoverX has been blowing up!

According to their representatives, they are having a difficult time keeping up with the amount of demand there is

What Can RecoverX Help Repair?
  • Scars (most) - acne, cuts, burns, etc.
  • Stretch Marks
  • Redness
  • Skin Irritation
  • Dry Skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema

My 27-Day Experience>

Day 1:

“I first washed my face. Then applied a couple of dabs of the formula to the palm of my hand and then applied it to my acne scars. There was a subtle cooling sensation, which I liked. It wasn’t too thick and absorbed into my skin nicely. Call me crazy, but within 30 minutes, my skin looked brighter.”

Day 15:

“I can already tell this stuff is making a huge difference. I have some substantial acne scars on my cheeks and my forehead. I can already tell they don’t look as noticeable as before. The skin around them also looks plumper and healthier.”

Day 27:

“This is pretty awesome. My scars have significantly lightened; I actually don’t feel the need to cover them up with layer after layer of foundation and concealer. My friends even started to notice and ask what my secret was. It feels pretty great to feel noticed for my skin positively. They thought I had started laser treatment or something.”

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This is my new jar of happiness!

Final Thoughts

RecoverX is the real deal. I’ve used so many products that claim to reduce the appearance of scars, but none have ever delivered like this one. I’m happy I found this before wasting another penny on another “miracle” product or even laser treatments. 

I feel so confident in these little jars of magic that I even ordered a few more jars for my friends so they could try it out too.

If You Can Get Your Hands On This - Do It Now

With the new year approaching, Dermafacs will likely sell out of this as it is one of the most coveted products for anyone chanting “new year, new me.”

These jars sell out super quick. If you can get your hands on one or three if you're lucky, do it now! When I made my purchase, it was delivered in about a week, which is really fast for where I live.

The last time I checked, they were running an epic sale. Please try it and let me know about your experience!

Get RecoverX Now >


RecoverX is safe to use on all skin types. RecoverX has been formulated with ingredients that work in concert to promote rapid skin repair. All the components are safe and comply with stringent regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical and personal care products. Propylene glycol, for instance, is an effective skin conditioner/humectant that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in topical preparations at levels up to 98%. The U.S. Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel has deemed it to be safe in cosmetics and it is likewise approved in Europe (E490).

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