Frequently Asked Questions

RecoverX contains water, propylene glycol, hydrated silica, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, PEG-75, PEG-8, and phenoxyethanol. It was sourced from high quality, all natural ingredients, and is produced here in the USA.

Yes. Your skin's health and safety will always be Dermafacs' number 1 priority. RecoverX is non-comedogenic and safe with all skin colors, sensitivities, ages as well as during pregnancy. It is dermatologist approved and free from oils, fragrances, surfactants, and parabens.

RecoverX is effective at repairing nearly all types of skin trauma and scarring. This includes dark spots, acne scars, eczema scars, stretch marks, rosacea, laser treatment, surgery scars, dry skin, cuts, scrapes and more.

Yes, RecoverX has been shown to repair and smooth the texture of all types of acne scars; including ice-pick scars and depressed skin from acne. 

For best results, we recommend using twice daily. Most users will begin to see progress within 1-2 weeks and optimal results in 6-8 weeks. To ensure results are permanent, we recommend using for 3-4 weeks after achieving desired skin.

We offer a no questions asked 90 day money-back guarantee. To read our complete refund policy, please click the link here.