Consumer Studies

Superior Hydration

Aside from giving a soft, lush feel, moisturizing prevents damaged skin from scarring and speeds up the body's natural repair process. Unlike most moisturizers which only touch the surface layer of skin, RecoverX penetrates deep inside the tissue for longer, more intense hydration.

Corneometer measurements | RecoverX increased moisturization 131.2% over baseline 30 minutes after application. Participants continued to exhibit trace amounts of increased hydration 10 days following treatment.

Denser, Stronger, More Resilient

The skin barrier, also known as the stratum corneum, is the outer-most layer of skin. These important cells are the only line of defense between your body and the harmful elements we are exposed to daily. Over time, these agitators break down our skin's collagen to cause premature wrinkles, sagging and dark spots. Supporting your skins fundamental structure is crucial to both feeling and looking healthy.

TWEL Measurements | RecoverX improved the skin barrier 24.27% over baseline on day 10.

Improve Retention

When your skin is damaged it simply cannot hold onto moisture, causing it to dry and crack. Daily use of RecoverX supports stronger water retention, restoring dehydrated skin back to a softer and healthier state.

Nova Meter Measurements | RecoverX recorded hydration levels 20.2% over baseline at day 5 and 15.3% at day 10.

Support A Balanced Tone

Erythema is a common condition which provokes red, inflamed and sometimes rash-like skin. Many factors can trigger erythema such as infections, medicine, sunburns, friction, poorly fitting clothes and more. By soothing surrounding blood capillaries, RecoverX reduces redness and blends affected skin for a well balanced tone.

PI assessment | RecoverX presented 2.09 mean difference from baseline on day, followed by a 1.0 mean difference on day 5.

Alleviate Inflammation

Edema is swelling as a result of excess fluid retention. There are several types of edema which can be found almost anywhere on the body. While it is important to address the root cause of swelling, RecoverX is an effective treatment to help reduce inflammation and associated discomfort.

PCR study | RecoverX showed 1.18 mean difference from baseline on day 2 with a drop to 0.42 on day 5.

Healthy Tissue Regeneration

The body only needs a few things to turn injured tissue into healthy skin- fresh air, hydration, sunscreen and lots of orthosilicic acid. By improving upon the body's natural flow of OSA, RecoverX assists our routine skin cycle for faster, stronger cell turnover.

PCR study | Crusting and scabbing | RecoverX recorded 2.03 mean difference from the baseline 2 days after treatment followed by a rapid drop in mean difference to 0.12 on day 8. Studies were indicative of a full recovery of facial skin.

Case Studies

Post Laser Surgery

85% of subjects recovered within 5 days

100% of subjects recovered within 10 days

Acne & Acne Scarring

90% of subjects noticed a reduction in the redness of their blemishes

80% noticed the number of blemishes were reduced

Scars and Stretchmarks

86.67% of subjects felt the treated scar/stretch mark is softer

86.67% of subjects felt the scar/stretch marks feel smoother on the treated side

86.67% of subjects felt the color of the scar/stretch mark blends better with the surrounding skin after using RecoverX.