BODYGLOW™ Stem Cell Body Oil by CLEARSTEM Skincare


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Fulfilled by our friends at CLEARSTEM Skincare

Sun-Conscious, Hydrating, Nourishing

BODYGLOW is an acne-safe body oil that with plant stem cells, healing botanicals, and a touch of bronze shimmer. Look sun-kissed without the sun damage. 

Benefits: BODYGLOW is a silky, fast-absorbing body oil that has the benefits of a body serum. It acts as a skin hydrator and provides an immediate, sexy glow effect. This is the first luxe body oil that is made for acne-prone skin, and like all of our other products, it also supports healthy aging. The texture is similar to a body serum so it goes on lightly, absorbs quickly and deliver nutrients to the skin the way a serum would!

We selected non-comedogenic oils and added raspberry seed extract which has some natural SPF, hence "Sun-Conscious". 

BODYGLOW is meant to support the mind-body connection. Infuse your skin with stem cells, botanicals, and rich hydration while you inhale a custom spiritual scent that calms the soul. ENJOY!

PRO TIP: Use a dab on your cheeks for a luminous highlighting effect.