Spring is the season of new beginnings

The best time for new beginnings is NOW.

As they always say, no winter lasts forever. There is something infinitely healing the repeated refrains of nature. The assurance that dawn comes after night and spring after winter. (Rachel Carson) 

During spring, every aspect of nature works together. Nature knows that plants need the right amounts of sunlight, soil and water to thrive. Nature knows that animals waking up from hibernation will start looking for food once the warmer weather arrives. For that reason, nature must be ready. Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal for the nature. People follow and adapt to the changes of nature and weather, that's why we call spring the season of new beginnings, changes and rebirth. As the seasons change, so does your skin's needs and your approach to healthy skin. Your skincare routine should adapt throughout the year to changing environments and right now can use a spring cleaning.

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings. While you take a deep breath and try new habits leading to healthier life, body, mind and skin you should remember:

don't be afraid of failure

It is essential to grow a mindset that you will learn from every failure. All mistakes can be used as roadmaps for what NOT to do next time.

don't try to be like everybody else

Try to recognize what differentiates you from others and focus on it. You do not need to change who you are, you can just become a better version and more of who you already are. While making improvements, accept your skin, body and other features.



TRY New things

Build your daily/weekly skincare routine!

Consistency is important. Try to add new routines into your everyday life. Spring is the perfect season to experiment new products, integrate new steps in your daily routine. During spring, your routine should focus around exfoliation, sun protection and hydration.

  • Throw away your old/expired makeup and skincare products!

  • Try water-based serums!
  • Sanitize your makeup and skincare tools/brushes!

Get your separate sun protection!
Spring means that the number of sunny days increase. It also means you need to be extra careful with protecting your skin from the UV rays with at least SPF 30 sunscreen.

Start exercising regularly!

Lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on your skin. Boosting your immune system with regular exercise will have affect the health of your skin as well. Exercise in the nature, yoga, hiking helps to have a healthy mind, body and skin.

Refresh your body!

Besides regular exercise and skincare routine, it's worth trying to energize and revitalize your body with some key ingredients. Try consuming grapefruit, green tea and aloe vera to give an extra shot of energy to your body and skin.


Try cutting out alcohol, drink a lot of water and healthy juices. Watch out for your nutrition. Spring is great for regeneration, it's a great time to refresh our systems by doing a cleanse. In fact, according to far eastern culture, spring is the ideal time to cleanse and nourish the liver.

Besides the smaller new beginnings like starting a new skincare routine, obviously spring can bring changes and bigger milestones in our lives. It can be a moving to a new place, changing a job, starting a new relationship and many more. Transitions could be hard, so it is extremely important to keep in mind two things: 

  • Don't always try to be perfect: if you have this mindset all the time, you will waste your valuable time on things that are not actually important. Focus on the things that count. 

  • Celebrate every tiny victory: forget about the big picture for a minute and just remember how great you are after every small achievement.

The perfect time is NOW. Go, start your new routine, try new types of sports or skincare products, teas, juices. The key behind all new journeys is consistency. Keep in mind that spring is all about celebrating nature's beauty, your beauty and nurturing life and health.

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